Furniture Installation

We have years of experience installing all brands of office furniture, workstation systems, demountable wall systems and many other fixtures.

We work closely with all parties involved from pre-installation planning to coordination throughout installation to ensure a hassle free project. For office furniture suppliers, we present a professional image which enhances your reputation and a dependability you can rely on.


  • Coordination of project timeline and requirements
  • Discussions with furniture dealerships and designers
  • Storage of ancillary items and furniture to be installed
  • Arrangements for liquidation, storage, or disposal
  • Review of furniture installation plans and any necessary certification

During Installation

  • On-site project management by our team
  • Experienced installers
  • Installation according to design
  • Teardown of existing configuration
  • Reconfiguration of existing furniture


  • Disposal of any trash
  • Removal of excess furniture to our warehouse or your inventory