Panel Reupholstering

Office furniture is a major cost consideration for most businesses.

Striving to keep costs to a minimum, we offer the ability to restore used office furniture cubicles to like-new condition. We can reupholster fabric cubicle panels to significantly reduce your overall facilities costs by reducing the need to purchase new office furniture.

Our experienced office furniture team can take your existing furnishings or available pre-owned furnishings to create a fresh work environment:

  • Refabricate office furniture cubicle panels to meet the design of your space.
  • Change the look of your office furniture cubicle panels with new fabric.
  • Replace missing or broken ends and top rails for office furniture cubicles.
  • Give new life to tired office furniture cubicle with new surfaces and colors.
  • Give your business the look of success by making that tired, worn-out office furniture cubicle look new again.
  • Give office managers and facility managers a single outlet for all office furniture cubicle and executive office furniture needs.

When thinking about utilizing refurbished pre-owned office furniture for your new or existing office space, if the cost savings are not enough, think about the savings to the environment. By employing the use of refurbished, pre-owned office furniture, there will be fewer items requiring disposal in landfills.