• Furniture Installation
  • Furniture Reconfiguration
  • Office Relocation
  • Warehousing, Receiving and Delivery
  • Furniture Installation

    We have years of experience installing all brands of office furniture, workstation systems, demountable wall systems and many other fixtures. We work closely with all parties involved from pre-installation planning to coordination throughout installation to... Read more »

  • Furniture Reconfiguration

    An office furniture reconfiguration can be useful if you are resizing your office space, growing or shrinking your team, or just need a more efficient layout. Reconfiguration of modular systems and filing equipment can have... Read more »

  • Office Relocations

    Your office move should be quick and painless – so that you can get on with your work. Our move specialists will engage your project coordinator to ensure that this happens in the most efficient... Read more »

  • Warehousing, Receiving and Delivery

    Our warehousing, receiving and delivery services are a huge benefit in ensuring your project goes smoothly. When you move, install or reconfigure your office space, you’ll have numbers of desks, partitions, computers, chairs and other... Read more »

  • Project Management

    We apply our extensive training and experience to ensure that your project runs smoothly throughout the entire process. Prior to starting, we will develop an extensive plan based on project goals, requirements and constraints. This... Read more »

  • Furniture Layout and Design

    We can develop a complete office layout and design to help you maximize your space and your office’s efficiency and effectiveness. From a small change in a few workstations to a complete office redesign, we... Read more »

  • Furniture Moving for Renovation

    When you renovate your space, it takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Nobody has more experience with renovations than T&M Services. We provide the flexibility to... Read more »

  • Office Decommissioning

    While it is not something most businesses think about, there do come times when you have to get rid of unnecessary furniture. If you move into a new office, if your company downsizes or even... Read more »

  • Furniture Maintenance and Repair

    Once you have the office configuration that works for you, consistent maintenance will help it look and function at its best. Desks, partitions, and cabinets accumulate some wear and tear as time goes on, but... Read more »

  • Furniture Lock and Key Services

    As office furniture and employees get moved around, it’s inevitable that you will run across a lock or key issue along the way. We can help solve these issues quickly and easily. We have the... Read more »

  • Furniture Cleaning

    We understand that your office furniture is a big investment. With that in mind, you can count on our expertise to get the job done right. It all begins with an on-site analysis of your... Read more »

  • Panel Reupholstering

    Office furniture is a major cost consideration for most businesses. Striving to keep costs to a minimum, we offer the ability to restore used office furniture cubicles to like-new condition. We can reupholster fabric cubicle... Read more »

  • Window Treatment Installation

    T&M Services will install your blinds with the same expertise and professionalism you’ve come to expect. We can field measure to confirm the correct sizes get ordered, receive your blinds in our warehouse and schedule... Read more »